“It’s actually very hard to write this section without it sounding like those annoying fake life stories that I really dislike. Not sure how many people are interested in reading this but if you are read on and also drop me a comment on my YouTube page (if you don’t mind), letting me know that you are one of the few that has read this.

Without getting too deep, and since people often ask me why, I wanted to share a little information about why I started OYE.

The story starts way back in 2007. I’d reached a point where my career seemed shallow. At that time I was quite materialistic (I’m not afraid to admit it), I only used to care only about making money and how important  it was for me to become a millionaire. So, I decided to take a break.

I wanted to understand the point of what I was doing, I wanted to find out what life was about. My life in particular. Why I am here? What is it that I have been put on earth to do?

During that short time, I stumbled across subjects that made me realise that I loved to enhance other people’s lives for the better. Yes, it sounds cheesy and cliche, but just arming people with knowledge by simplifying matters that often seemed complicated helped others, and that fulfilled me. Even though I was good at making money it didn’t give me that same feeling.

Not many people remember exactly how much money a person had when they died but many people remember how the person made them feel.

When I leave this earth I want to leave people feeling that engaging with me left them with a lifetime of positive memories. Even when I am gone from this earth I want to leave something (like my videos) that will continue to help people. That’s why I do what I do.”

– Oye